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Need a kick up the bum? Join the UK's leading female-only fitness app and let's get your mojo back. 
Aimed at women of all shapes and sizes, this app will help you get back to feeling yourself. Yo-yo dieter? Emotional eater? I’ve got your back! With daily, fun LIVE workouts, a vast library of 1,000 yummy recipes, guided meditations and mindset hacks to help you become more consistent and motivated than ever before. 
Daily LIVE Workouts
LIVE Workouts Mon-Fri, with replays available on-demand 24/7 for whenever suits you. Suitable for women of all levels. HIIT, Strength, Cardio, Yoga & more.
Easy 20 Minute Recipes
Eat like a Queen with a library of 1,000 incredible recipes. Quick, easy to follow, and not your usual "diet" food. No shakes, diet pills, fads or silly restrictions on this plan.
Mindfulness & Guided Meditations
Guided Meditations for you to plug & play. Ideal for 'self-sabotagers' and 'emotional eaters' to help reduce those binges, bring balance, control and power back into your life.
Supportive Community
An incredibly supportive community of like-minded women who are always on hand to help you overcome mindset blocks, cheer you along and be the friends you never thought you needed.
Self Love & Body Positivity
It's all well and good to reach your body goals, but if your inner critic is still torturing your mind you will still be unhappy. Learn how to improve on self-love, confidence and to finally stop criticising yourself. 
Fun Weekly Challenges
Join in with the fun weekly challenges and win raffle tickets for a holiday to Bali or Italy. From step-challenges to mini-workouts and family-friendly TikTok fun. You'll have a blast!
"You'll wonder how you lived before!"
"Amazing app and journey"
How It Works
If you’ve been looking for a relatable, down-to-earth fitness coach, someone who knows the exact struggles you are facing, has been there and also overcome them - then FGGF is the woman for you!
  • MIND - It’s not about losing the weight, it’s also about losing the lifestyle and mindset that got you there in the first place. Stop emotional eating with our Guided Meditations and get help to learn to love the skin you’re in and stop being so critical of yourself.
  • BODY - Give me a few weeks and you won’t believe how much you love exercising. With fun, upbeat workouts either join in on our LIVE daily classes or watch On Demand whenever it suits you. Varied classes suitable for all levels - from 90's Raves, high energy HIIT Step, Body Positive Yoga, Kettlebells, Strength and so much more.
  • FOOD - Non-restrictive recipes that help you change your bad relationship with food. Stop tracking and getting fixated on numbers - the hard work is done for you. All your home-comfort foods without regret. You should never feel guilty for eating food (unless you stole it). Choose from over 1,000 recipes, or follow the sample menu if you prefer being told what to cook.
Progress NOT Perfection is the main mantra for FGGF Bootcamp. This isn’t your usual health app. Super personal, user-friendly, and includes everything you could possibly need to look and feel your best. Whilst gently giving you a kick up the bum. It’s time to ditch diets - and focus on becoming fitter, stronger, and healthier!
Want to do the workouts on your iPad or stream to your TV? Fancy having motivational morning texts sent to your Apple Watch? 
Available on multiple devices, to suit you and your preferences!
Web App Available
Included is access to the Web Version of the app for those that prefer accessing recipes and workouts on their desktop.
Stream to TV
Stream the LIVE and On-Demand Workouts to your TV and follow along in real-time in your living room, bedroom or even your garden!
Access on Multiple Devices
Need the app on your hubby's phone when he's doing the food shopping? Want to do the workouts on your iPad, Laptop or TV? You choose your preference.
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Whether you just need help with what to eat, are looking for fun achievable workouts that you actually stick to, or you just need a safe, non-judgmental community of like-minded women - this is your new fave app.
Read the raving reviews from other like-minded women, and see how the app has helped them.
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